How to write a more effective job posting (3): Sharing your story.

When a job seeker finds multiple job postings for the exact same position, they have to rely on the company information to decipher which employer is the best fit for them. To create an effective job posting, use your company description to sell the job seeker on why he or she should work for you instead of your competitors.

Let’s face it, it’s never easy talking about yourself. But if you want to entice your industry’s top performers, you have to strategically analyze how you should describe your company and its perks.

Describes your company…

There may be times when you have the opportunity to give a full company profile. While other times, you may only have room to add a brief company description. Either way, it’s an important component of attracting the right people for the position.

Take the opportunity to showcase your company’s products, services, history, and your culture. You don’t need to include them all, but here are some suggestions for making your company description more effective:

  • Include some key facts that differentiate your company (how long you’ve been in business, awards won, etc.)
  • Detail what your company does; the customers you serve; and what products and/or services it offers.
  • State your company’s mission statement.
  • Share the size of your company (you can illustrate this through number of employees, number of locations or markets or number of clients or customers)
  • Provide your company’s location and the perks of where you work.
  • Share your company culture by including keywords and phrases that describe what is important to your company (innovative, autonomous, tech-oriented, fast-paced, customer service focused).
  • Incorporate your company’s ethos by choosing a writing style and words that match your culture


..and do not forget to peddling your Perks

It’s safe to say that active job seekers are looking for an opportunity that’s better than the one they currently have. That could mean receiving better health insurance, increasing their income, shortening their commute, working as part of a team, attaining career growth, or receiving a financially secure retirement.

Whatever advantages you have to offer, make sure you broadcast them! Doing so will help job seekers answer the question, “what’s in it for me?”

While the most obvious benefits are insurance plans and retirement packages, don’t forget to emphasize your unique perks.

Whether your company embraces ongoing training, continued education, a casual dress code, a team environment or pet-friendly offices. Make sure you give ample attention to these perks as well. When a candidate can envision the advantages of working for your company, they are incredibly more likely to apply.

But what about the salary?

Deciding whether or not to include pay in a job posting is always a sensitive issue for employers. Because there really isn’t a onesize- fits-all kind of solution. Depending on the role, there could be several pros and cons for posting the salary.

One of an employer’s biggest apprehension is that a job seeker may only be interested in a job opportunity for the salary alone. However, posting the hourly rate or yearly salary may improve results by helping job seekers asses whether or not they are qualified/overqualified.

If the compensation is on the higher end of the scale, providing the pay could help rule out under qualified job seekers. If it’s on the lower end, it could help rule out people who may have more experience than what’s necessary for the job. So, ultimately, the decision to post salary information depends on your recruiting objectives.


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