How to write a more effective job posting (4): Make sure your job posting reaches the potential candidates.

Today, the most common starting point for job seekers is searching via Google or Bing. If your job postings aren’t optimized for search engines, there’s a good chance candidates aren’t finding them. As you may know incorporating keywords into your job title can help increase your candidate views by 116%.

Here are some recommendations to stand out.

Leverage the Power of Keywords

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the process of impacting the visibility of a website or webpage in search engine’s organic search results. By optimizing your job postings with SEO best practices, you can ensure more eyes see your ads in search results.

Including words or phrases that are commonly used by job seekers in your industry can help boost your job posting’s search engine.

Quick advice: Use tools like Google AdWords to determine what keywords candidates are using to search for similar jobs.

Once you’ve identified the best keywords, try to strategically integrate them throughout the job posting to increase SEO. It’s also important to note that “keyword stuffing” is not effective. Incorporating too many keywords may cause the actual message to become unreadable or inauthentic.


Custom URLs can be effective in boosting your postings

Instead of relying on default URLs that contain an arbitrary combination of numbers and letters, choose to customize your URLs to incorporate the actual job title.

For example, if you’re looking for a Java developer, your job posting URL should look like this:

Use specialized recruitment platforms as Inttal

As you may know, Inttal is a platform oriented to help companies and experts to find the best match.

But, further than this, Inttal has developed an algorithm that help companies when identifying best candidates to every position. Through our self developed algorithm, thousands of experts get recommended job vacancies on a weekly based on his or her background and interest. By posting a job offer in Inttal, we will help you when reaching the right potential candidates.


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