Are you interested in working at the World Bank? (1)

World Bank is continually looking for experienced professionals and offers a wide range of jobs, bringing a wide range of perspectives to bear on the poverty reduction commitment.

Its diversity of membership operations is also reflected in the multidisciplinary staff of the over 10,000 employees working at the World Bank, specialists in economics, public policy, international finance, education, energy, social sciences, environmental sciences, and many, many other fields are working and requested to join the WB group.

Those professionals work not only in the headquarters in Washington, D.C. but also more than a third of the staff is based in 100+ regional country offices worldwide.

Which is the typical professional background for entry the WB?

Professionals entering the WB have generally a minimum of five years’ relevant experience -with a demonstrated record of professional and academic achievement (Masters or PhDs preferred). A broad understanding of development issues and international work experience, preferably at the policy level, is extremely beneficial. In addition to proficiency in English, language skills are often required in Arabic, Chinese, French, Portuguese, Russian or Spanish. Keep in mind that employees come from more than 170 countries.


How do I find out what jobs are available?

Under Current Job Openings on the Jobs page of the WB, you can find those profiles which are actively being search for Washington and country offices around the world.

How do I apply for a job at the World Bank?

The World Bank Group’s Jobs site provides a simple online way to submit a resume. It also lists current vacancies, including job descriptions and selection criteria. We will provide each applicant with confirmation that the application has been received. Please note that WB contact only applicants who have been short-listed for jobs.


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